Trade in your old phone

So, there’s an amazing new phone on the market. You want it. You’re going to get it. But what will you do with your old handset? Is it going to sit in the drawer gathering dust? Or can you put it to good use?

Here are a few reasons to consider trading in your old smartphone…

Get money off your next phone

You may look at your old phone and think that it’s worthless, but it really isn’t. Once it’s been reset and refurbished, it will be ready for a new owner.

There are plenty of people who aren’t interested in having the latest model, and by trading your phone in with a company that specialises in dealing with old phones, they’ll be able to give it a whole new lease of life. Plus, you’ll have money towards your next model!

Do a little good

If you don’t need your old phone anymore and aren’t bothered about getting anything for it, then a great option is to trade your phone in and donate the money to charity.

There are also many charities that make use of old mobile phones by refurbishing them and passing them onto people in need. By donating your old phone to charity, you could make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

Be environmentally friendly

Technology is changing so quickly that we often replace things that aren’t broken. We all know this isn’t the most economical or environmentally friendly thing to do, so it’s in our best interests to make sure we get the most use out of devices that already exist.

By trading in your old phone, you’re making sure that it goes to good use. Someone else will benefit from it, and that’s one less piece of usable tech on the rubbish heap.

Cut down the clutter in your home

A bit less important than charity or the environment, but a good point nonetheless – if you’re not using your old phone, why keep it in your home cluttering the place up? Take that phone and get it traded in.

Help someone in the developing world

Smartphones can be hugely beneficial to the lives of people in the developing world. The ability to communicate and access knowledge online can improve their quality of life and opportunities. Your old phone could make that happen.

Trade in now rather than later

We’ve heard it a million times before – you’ll get around to selling your old phone ‘some time’. You never do. But, the longer you leave it, the less money that phone will be worth. So, what are you waiting for?

The only good reason NOT to trade in your old phone is if you plan on putting a new SIM card in it and passing it onto a family member or friend. Good idea, eh! You can get a cheap pay as you go SIM from SMARTY to use in your old phone and keep everyone connected.

  • SMARTY Team
  • December 16th, 2019