All you need to know about the 3G switch off

As part of our mission to give you the best possible network experience, 3G coverage on SMARTY will begin to come to an end in mid February, to make way for further improvements to our 4G & 5G networks. This is an exciting time to be on SMARTY, as although there may be some small challenges along the way, this will be a big step forward in giving you an even greater network experience.

Why is this happening?

3G launched in the UK all the way back in 2003, 14 years before SMARTY even came to be. Technology has moved on a lot since then, with 4G and 5G technology delivering much greater performance than possible with 3G. Whether it’s making calls, sending texts or getting online on the go, you can expect a greater and more reliable service on 4G or 5G.

Back in 2021, the Government announced the shutdown of 3G networks by 2033 at the latest. By beginning to switch off 3G now, you can expect more time and investment to go into making our 4G and 5G networks the best they can be, which should provide a higher quality experience for SMARTY customers – we’re making the change sooner so that you can enjoy the benefits sooner!

What does this mean for you?

Luckily, most modern phones are suitably equipped with 4G and/or 5G technology, so we estimate that the 3G switch off will only impact a small number of our customers. If you have a device capable of 4G data and 4G Calling (also known as VoLTE), the good news is that you’re all set!

How do I know if my phone is 4G-VoLTE compatible?

To check this, you will need your device to hand and an internet connection. Visit our Switching off 3G help page and check the FAQs for full instructions and details of what’s required to receive SMARTY service.

I don’t have a 4G-VoLTE compatible device, what do I need to do?

If your current device is not 4G VoLTE-compatible, you’ll need to upgrade to one that has this ability to continue using our network. If we think you don’t have a 4G VoLTE-compatible device, we’ll contact you at least 30 days before the 3G switch-off date in your area so that you have plenty of time to find a replacement.

  • SMARTY Team
  • January 17th, 2023