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Data Only plans Perfect for tablets, dongles and mobile broadband.

  • Just great value data

  • Unrestricted hotspotting and no speed limits

  • No contract: 1 month plan

Data Only plans

Just great value data

Looking for a Data Only SIM?

Our new plans are perfect for when you need great value data and nothing else. Perfect for hotspotting, as a Data Only SIM for iPad, or as an emergency backup for your home broadband.

1 month plan and no contract

With no contract to tie you down, you can switch to a bigger or smaller Data Only SIM plan whenever you want to, or simply pause your 1 month rolling plan if you don’t need it for a bit.

Just like a pay as you go SIM you pay in advance, so there’s no worry about a shock at the end of the month.

The benefits of a SMARTY Data Only SIM

Unlike some networks, we won’t slow you down or hold you back. With no speed limits or hotspotting restrictions, you can browse, stream and play to your heart’s content, wherever you are. Plus, our Data Only SIM card can also be used for roaming in EU countries up to our 12GB limit.

Choose your data

Choose between our 2GB, 15GB, 40GB, 100GB or Unlimited Data Only SIMs. All are perfect as a tablet Data Only SIM and for staying connected to the things that matter.


SMARTY is the SIM-only mobile network who likes to keep things simple. With no contracts or credit checks, you can pick between a Voice plan with unlimited calls & texts, or a Data Only SIM when great value data is all you need. You can also save 10% on multiple SIMs with a Group plan. That’s why we’re a Which? Recommended Mobile Provider 2021.

uSwitch Award - Best PAYG Network Winner 2021uSwitch Award - Best Value SIM Only Winner 2020uSwitch Award - Best Value SIM Only 2019uSwitch Award - Best PAYG Network 2019


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