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No credit check on our best SIM-only monthly plans

SIM-only phone contracts from £6.25 per month. No credit checks and discounts on unused data.

Get your SIM from £6.25

Simple SIM-only contracts.
No credit checks.

SIM-only contracts with no credit checks? That's SMARTY

SMARTY is the SIM-only mobile network that's built for flexibility.

We've made it easy for anyone to get a SIM-only contract for their phone without a credit check. Our rolling monthly plans start from £6.25, and come with unlimited UK standard texts and calls as standard. Plus you're free to pause or cancel at any time. No commitment, no hassle. Just simple, honest mobile.

no credit check sim

Benefits of a monthly SIM-only contract


No credit check


Save on unused data


No minimum contract

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Can I get a SMARTY SIM with bad credit?

Yes. We believe anyone should be entitled to mobile with no credit check. Because you pay upfront, we don’t need to know your credit history. And unlike the usual contract SIM deals for bad credit, we don't tie you in or overcharge you for extra data.

no credit check sim
Unlimited calls texts

Unlimited UK standard calls and texts

A bad credit rating shouldn't hold you back. With SMARTY, you can enjoy the best bits of a pay-monthly plan and call your friends and family as much as you want.

Get money off data you don't use

With SMARTY, you get credit for any data you don't use in your data discount plan. We believe this makes us one of the fairest deals around for SIM-only contracts.
How does it work?


Here’s the deal. £5 is the base monthly rate included in the price for all data discount plans, covering all standard UK texts and calls. The rest is for data.


If you’ve got any data left after using your data discount plan for a month, we convert it to credit and knock if off your next bill – at £1.25 per GB, the same rate you pay in your plan.


So, if you’ve got 3GB of unused data, you’ll get £3.75 off your next month’s plan. Nice. We even calculate using remaining MBs, not GBs.

Extra data at fair prices

Add-ons that don’t cost the earth

You never know how much data you're going to need. If you run out of data during the month, extra data will cost just £1.25 per GB.

Our data add-ons never expire, as long as you have a live, current SIM-only plan.

Data add-ons
Contact freedom

The flexibility of pay as you go. The benefits of a monthly contract.

Because your SIM is paid for in advance, you can enjoy your data allowance without worrying about an unexpected bill – just like regular contract deals.

But you also have the same peace of mind you get with pay as you go – no minimum term contract, the freedom to cancel at any time, and the flexibility to add more data whenever you need it.

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