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Get a £10 Amazon Voucher to spend on the things you really want, every time you refer a friend to SMARTY.

Be quick, you only have until 4th February.

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Refer a friend, get a free month.

In addition to your £10 Amazon vouchers, every time you refer a friend to SMARTY you get a free month and your friend gets two! Refer 12 friends and that's a whole year free.

How to get started.

Order your SIM

Pick a plan below, order your SIM, and activate it when it arrives.

Invite your friends

As soon as your SIM arrives you can invite as many friends as you like using your unique sharing link.

Get your free amazon vouchers

You'll also get a free month of SMARTY. Twelve friends? That's a whole year of SMARTY for you.

Get your free months

For every friend that joins SMARTY using your sharing link you get a free month (they get two!)

All we ask is that your friends stay with us for at least 14 days
so we can prove how awesome SMARTY is.


At the end of the month, we take your unused data, turn it into money, and refund it off your next bill.

More about why we’re different

4 SIM-only plans, 4 simple prices

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These FAQs are about out referrals scheme only. View FAQs about our network.

When can I start referring friends?

As soon as you have activated your SIM you can get your unique sharing link and start referring.

When do I get my free month?

You’ll get your free month when your friend buys a SIM and uses it for 2 weeks.

Is there a limit to how many free months I can get?

No. Refer one friend and get a month. Refer 12 and get a whole year. Refer 100 and... you get the idea.

My friend is on SMARTY, can they give me a free month?

Yes. As long as you’re not already a SMARTY customer.

View the full terms and conditions of our referral scheme.