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5G yippee!

Massive news. 5G is coming to SMARTY.

Things will move fast - we’re going to make some exciting announcements soon. So, stay up to date with SMARTY’s 5G launch by registering your interest.

Check out our Privacy Policy to make sure you’re happy with how we’ll use your data.

Epic speeds

5G will be a revolution in the speed and quality of SMARTY data. Super-fast speeds and ultra-low lag will take downloads, video streaming and gaming to another level. Plus, you’ll get incredible mobile data coverage in busy places, packed trains, and big crowds.

Can it get better? Yes, it can. SMARTY 5G will be powered by Three, who are currently building the UK’s fastest 5G network, with twice as much 5G spectrum as anyone else. This, together with lots of other super-impressive technical stuff, means that SMARTY really will deliver the 5G future that everyone else is talking about.

All the data you need for less

Data discount plans

Get money back for unused data

All plans include

  • 1 month plan, cancel anytime

  • Unlimited calls & texts

  • Unrestricted tethering in the UK

  • No credit check

  • Fast 4G & 3G data

  • No speed caps

Get money off unused data

You never know how much data you're going to need. But with SMARTY's data discount plans, you pay for the data you use, not the data you don't. So what's the deal? How does it work?

  1. 1

    £5 is the base monthly rate included in the price for all data discount plans, offering unlimited standard UK texts and calls. The rest is for data.

  2. 2

    At the end of each month, we take any unused data you have and discount your next month’s plan - at the standard rate of £1 per GB, the same price it’s charged at.

  3. 3

    For example, if you’ve got 3GB of unused data, you’ll get £3 off your next month’s plan. We even calculate using remaining MBs, not GBs.

    This means you only ever pay for what you need.