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50gb for £8

Compare our best pay as you go SIM plans

The flexibility of a pay as you go SIM with all the benefits of a SIM-only deal.

No contract, cancel anytime
No credit checks
Unlimited calls & texts
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How is SMARTY different from pay as you go?

It isn’t, really. If anything, we believe it’s a better deal – and the experts agree. On traditional PAYG plans, you stock up on credit and away you go. With SMARTY, you buy monthly plans in advance – which you can renew, pause or cancel at any time.

The flexibility of a PAYG SIM. The benefits of a pay monthly plan.

Get the same peace of mind you get with a pay as you go SIM: there’s no credit check, no minimum-term contract, the freedom to cancel at any time, and no annual price rises.

And because your SIM is paid for in advance, you can enjoy your data allowance without worrying about an unexpected bill.

With all of our plans you get unlimited standard UK texts and calls, and it’s super easy to add more data if you need it. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Extra data at £1 per GB

At SMARTY, we believe in data add-ons at fair prices. If you run out of data during the month, an add-on will cost just £1 per GB.

Our add-ons also never expire – as long as you have a live pay monthly SIM Only Plan , your data is there for you to use.

Go mobile

SMARTY isn’t just for phones. Our SIMs also work with tablets and mobile broadband devices like dongles and WiFi routers. Simply pay for your plan, pop your SMARTY SIM in, and you’re good to go.
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