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Using SMARTY in United States of America

From July, the United States will no longer support a 3G connection and will be a 4G VoLTE only destination.

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Using Internet or Data10p/ mb
Call to UK Landlines50p/ min
Call to UK Mobiles50p/ min
Call to UK Other50p/ min
Call to United States of America Landlines50p/ min
Call to United States of America Mobiles50p/ min
Call to United States of America Other50p/ min
SMS to United States of America numbers20p/ sms
Receiving calls from any number5p/ min
Receiving texts from any numberFREE
MMS to UK numbers20p/ mms
Call and text other numbersSee all prices

Before you go

Phone settings update required

Your SMARTY SIM won’t work abroad unless you make a one-off change to your phone settings.

Set up your phone now

Buy “Out of plan” add-ons

Data, calls or texts outside the EU won’t work if you don’t have some “Out of plan” add-ons in your account. If you don’t use all your “Out of plan” add-ons, you can choose to put that money towards your next month or you can use it next time you need it.

Buy “Out of plan” add-ons

Save money by connecting to wifi

Using your phone abroad is expensive. We always try and give you a good deal, but have less control over pricing in other countries.

To save money you should connect to wifi wherever possible.


Prices are shown including VAT where applicable.