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Using SMARTY in Saint Kitts and Nevis

Using Internet or Data£1.00/ mb
Call to UK Landlines£2.50/ min
Call to UK Mobiles£2.50/ min
Call to UK Other£2.50/ min
Call to Saint Kitts and Nevis Landlines£2.50/ min
Call to Saint Kitts and Nevis Mobiles£2.50/ min
Call to Saint Kitts and Nevis Other£2.50/ min
SMS to Saint Kitts and Nevis numbers40p/ sms
Receiving calls from any number£1.00/ min
Receiving texts from any numberFREE
MMS to UK numbers40p/ mms
Call and text other numbersSee all prices

Before you go

Phone settings update required

Your SMARTY SIM won’t work abroad unless you make a one-off change to your phone settings.

Set up your phone now

Top up your cash balance

Data, calls or texts outside the EU won’t work if you don’t have some cash balance in your account. If you don’t use all your cash balance, you can choose to put that money towards your next month or you can use it next time you need it.

Top up cash balance

Save money by connecting to wifi

Using your phone abroad is expensive. We always try and give you a good deal, but have less control over pricing in other countries.

To save money you should connect to wifi wherever possible.


Prices are shown including VAT where applicable.