Your lockdown DIY checklist

We all have those little house jobs that we’ve been putting off for ages – but lockdown has given many people the time and opportunity to tick some of them off your to-do list.

Here’s a few helpful tips and tricks to make sure you get your jobs done properly…

How to put up a shelf

It may seem straight-forward, but there’s a lot that can go wrong with putting up a shelf. You’ll need the right fixings to make sure it stays securely in the wall, you’ll need it to be level, and you’ll need to make sure you don’t drill into anything important!

Learn how to put up a floating shelf. Or, for something sturdier, here’s a guide for a shelf with brackets.

Level things out

No one wants a sloping shelf or a wonky picture on the wall. But did you know your phone can help you out with this problem? Get a virtual spirit level and they’ll be no excuse for dodgy wall decorations.

Download a spirit level app for free on iOS or Android.

No more drilling mess

There’s a simple hack to save you making too much mess when you drill a hole in the wall. And all you’ll need is a post-it note.

Loose cupboard doors?

The complicated-looking hinges on your kitchen cupboards might be intimidating, but all those screws are actually quite simple to use. This article by Hints and Things will help you sort out any adjustments you need to make.

Putting up a curtain pole

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or just fancy a makeover, putting up a curtain pole is a must-have to avoid those noisy neighbours. This step-by-step video from B&Q will take you through the process. Top Tip: Make sure you have your curtains before you put up your pole as you’ll need to take the length of them into account.

Jazzing up your toilet

Now, it may not seem like the most pleasant job, but changing your toilet seat can make a huge difference to your bathroom. Here’s how to do it.

How to hang wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper can quickly turn into a disaster if you don’t learn how to do it properly. This video by Home RenoVision DIY guides you through the steps, including how to navigate tricky areas like windows.

Put up a picture

Once your wallpaper is up, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches. Hanging picture frames on the wall can be a great way to add some personality to your space. Check out this great video from Wickes that explains what you’ll need to do depending on the type of wall you’ll be hanging on.

Cleaning your gutters

This is a job we all tend to dread, but putting it off can cause flooding, damage and damp. That being said, cleaning out your guttering is fairly simple and here are a few tips to keep you on track.

Painting pebbledash

Are your exterior walls looking a bit dreary? Here’s a handy video by Woodie’s TV on how to best tackle that pebbledash. Or, if your walls are bare brick, this video may be more useful.

Well, that should keep you busy for a while and hopefully tick off some jobs on your to-do list. But if all these helpful videos start to drain your data, pick up a SMARTY Unlimited SIM and you’ll have enough left over to chill out with your favourite TV show once the hard work is done.

  • SMARTY Team
  • June 11th, 2020