What to do with a cracked phone screen

So, you've dropped your phone and cracked the screen. Many of us have been there and appreciate how annoyed you currently feel. But don't panic – this is a problem you can solve.

The pre-fix protocol

First things first remember, a cracked screen is a largely cosmetic issue – which is good. But before you attempt to repair it, you should backup any valuable data such as photos or messages. If the touch screen has become unresponsive as a result of the crack, you can still rescue your data by connecting your phone to a laptop.

The short-term fix

It’s estimated that one in five phone users are currently using a phone that has a cracked screen of some kind. While you can live with the crack, you should remember that it is an opening for debris, moisture, and foreign materials to enter your device. The best way to keep your phone safe is by investing in a plastic screen cover or phone case – this should stop the crack from getting any bigger and prevent further damage.

Fixing your screen

Here are a few options you should consider when you decide to fix your phone:

  • Investigate if repairs are covered by warranty or insurance: Phone manufacturers may repair for free if your device is within warranty – this is usually up to 24 months after purchase. Or, if you have mobile or home insurance, your phone may be covered.
  • Take the DIY route: If you are confident, it’s often possible to repair the screen yourself. You’ll need to purchase a new screen and potentially a few other small parts. But there are many video tutorials online that you can follow if you get stuck.
  • Visit a repair shop: A reputable repair shop like iSmash is a good solution if you don’t want to tackle it yourself. The costs vary depending on the phone, its size and the extent of the damage, but it can be as little as £30.
  • Replace the phone: If you have an older device, maybe this is the sign you needed to upgrade. After all the cost of repair may be more than what the phone is worth.

While you’re replacing screens (or whole phones) why not shop around for a better data plan too. At SMARTY you can get 30GB of data for just £10 a month – with that kind of value you can put what you’ve saved towards your repairs or a brand-new phone.

Nick Bishop
  • Nick Bishop
  • Development Manager
  • January 29th, 2020