What is MMS messaging?

In a world where instant messaging has become the norm, acronyms like SMS and MMS frequently pop up in conversations about communication. While SMS (Short Messaging Service) is a familiar term, you might find yourself wondering, "What is MMS messaging?"

In this blog post, we will demystify Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and delve into its features, differences from standard text messages, potential charges, and tips to avoid surprised charges.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) - What is it?

Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, is a messaging technology that allows users to send messages containing multimedia content. Unlike standard text messages, which come in the form of SMS (Short Messaging Service) and are limited to 160 characters of text, MMS messages can include a wide variety of media elements.

These may include:

• Images: High-resolution photos and pictures.

• Videos: Short video clips or recordings.

• Emojis: Fun and expressive emojis to convey emotions.

• Website Links: Links to webpages, enabling easy sharing of online content.

How is MMS Different from SMS?

The primary difference between MMS and standard text messages lies in the content they can carry. Standard text messages, or SMS, are limited to plain text and can contain up to 160 characters. They are suitable for sending brief messages, such as greetings or quick updates, but fall short when you want to share multimedia content like photos or videos.

MMS, on the other hand, offers the flexibility to include a wide range of multimedia elements in a single message, making it ideal for more expressive and visually appealing communication.

Are MMS texts chargeable?

The answer to this question depends on your mobile carrier and plan. In some cases, MMS messages may incur charges, especially if they are not included in your contract or pay-as-you-go plan. These charges typically apply when you send MMS messages to recipients on different networks or when sending MMS messages while roaming.

However, if you're a SMARTY customer, here's a piece of good news. MMS messages are entirely free in all SMARTY voice plans. You can enjoy the benefits of MMS messaging without the added costs, meaning you can share more for your money.

How can I avoid MMS charges?

If you want to avoid MMS charges or are on a plan that does not include unlimited MMS messaging, here are some tips:

Keep messages brief

SMS messages are generally capped at 160 characters, but MMS messages may be triggered after a certain character limit, which can vary by phone and carrier. To stay within the SMS limit, keep your messages concise.

Use messaging apps

Instead of sending multimedia content via MMS, consider using messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. These apps work over Wi-Fi or mobile data and allow you to send images, videos, and other media without incurring MMS charges associated with traditional text messages.

More MMS messaging for your money

MMS messaging, or Multimedia Messaging Service, offers a richer and more engaging way to communicate by allowing the exchange of multimedia content. While charges for MMS messages can vary among different networks, SMARTY customers can enjoy the perk of free MMS messaging. To avoid potential charges on other networks, keep your messages short or opt for messaging apps that work over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

You can even opt for SMARTY's Unlimited data SIM for £20 a month, including unlimited calls and texts for endless sharing, streaming, MMS messages, and more!

Looking for more mobile tips and tricks? SMARTY customers can head over to our SMARTY community to ask questions, share knowledge and discuss all things technology on this dedicated forum.

  • SMARTY Team
  • October 11th, 2023