What are 0300 numbers?

0300 numbers are non-geographic phone numbers that were introduced by Ofcom in the UK in 2007. They were introduced to make it easier for non-profit and government organizations to communicate with the public. These numbers are similar to 0800 and 0808 numbers, which are also non-geographic, but the main difference is that 0300 numbers are reserved specifically for organizations that are registered as charities or public bodies. They can also come in variations such as 0344 or 0345 numbers.

Who uses 0300 numbers?

There are many organisations that use 0300 numbers, including charities, government agencies, and public bodies such as the NHS. Some examples of services that are available through 0300 numbers include advice lines for health and social care, helplines for vulnerable people, and information lines for public services like local councils.

One of the benefits of using 0300 numbers is that they are easy to remember and so may make it easier for people to access the services they need without having to search for a specific phone number every time. Additionally, because these numbers are reserved for non-profit and government organisations, people can feel confident that they are calling a trusted and reputable source for information or support.

Are 0300 numbers free to call?

The main purpose of 0300 numbers is to provide a low-cost way for non-profit organizations and government bodies to communicate with the public. These numbers are not associated with any particular geographic location which means that anyone in the UK can call them with lower (if any) extra charges. This makes it easier for people to access important services and information, without having to worry about the high costs often associated with making a long-distance call.

That being said, 0300 numbers are not always free to call. On landlines, calls to 0300 numbers will cost up to 16p per minute and can cost anywhere from 3p to 65p per minute if you are calling from a mobile – so be sure to check what the rates are with your provider if you are unsure if it will cost you!

If you are with SMARTY, 0300 numbers are free to call. This is because 0300 numbers are standard UK landlines and are therefore covered by the unlimited minutes included in all SMARTY plans – you can get a full breakdown of what is free and what is chargeable in a SMARTY plan with our premium, freephone and service numbers help article.

Overall, 0300 numbers are an important tool for non-profit and government organizations to communicate with the public. By providing a low-cost and easy-to-remember phone number, these organisations can make it easier for people to access the services and information they need. So, if you need to contact a charity or public organisation, keep an eye out for their 0300 number!

  • SMARTY Team
  • April 13th, 2023