Welcome to the SMARTY Community

We’re really happy to announce the launch of the new SMARTY Community, an online resource where customers can interact with each other, ask questions, get answers and learn more about our connected world, not just from highly informed tech-heads but from members of the public.

What is an online community?

At its core, it is a place where our resourceful people get together to share information based around a common subject, in this case telecoms and SMARTY.

Whether it’s to talk about our service, help each other with essential tips and advice to get the most out of their mobile life or even just to kick back and chat about the latest deals, the Community of SMARTY-minded individuals just love to chat, love to share their wisdom and love to help. The Community can be seen as a distillation of the reasons SMARTY was set up for.

At its best this Community is organic, self-sufficient and self-moderating; it supports itself, the participants help each other, recommending SMARTY to people who come on to ask about us and our community grows month on month.

Isn’t this just another place for SMARTY to sell at me?

If you’re worried that SMARTY will rule the roost, let us assure you our voice is a whisper, it nudges behaviour rather than directs it. After all, resourceful people love nothing better than finding stuff for themselves! We will never talk more than we listen.

Why set up a community?

The SMARTY Community will enable us to:

• Create real connections with customers. • Stand out from the competition with a better customer experience. • Improve our user experience by gathering and addressing feedback. • Drive referrals by giving our advocates a voice in the community. • Make SMARTY a better experience for all. Our community space will be a voice for honesty and simplicity and will provide a warm welcome for every existing or potential customer.

What do I get out of it?

Peer-to-peer support

At the heart of our community will be its members and super-users guiding one another to issue resolution. If you have a question, ask it. If it’s already been asked and answered someone will point you to the resolution. If not, someone soon will. And you’ll be notified when it is.

Authentic two-way engagement

Allows us to speak and listen to our customers in a unique way and facilitates conversations between existing and potential customers So if a common problem keeps coming up we can focus on providing resource to resolve it so it doesn’t become an issue to others.

Speaks to the “SMARTY-est” of people

The SMARTY Community is platform for those who have made a smart choice and outwitted the market, getting the best deal that suits them. They are the educated contributors for our community and are willing to share that knowledge with others.

What’s the future?

SMARTY’s community offering will be influenced contributions from users and will grow and expand over time. Build.

We start by building a safe and welcoming community experience, where visitors from all backgrounds and experiences are supported to achieve their goals, to find content and share with their peers and SMARTY. Grow

By engaging deeper with our audience and recognising and rewarding our most valuable members through Gamification, we can expand the community foundations and offerings. Elevate

The Community experience isn’t static; the more you engage, the more your reputation grows, enhancing our community with reward and recognition. We can also learn from the participants and mould and expand the Community into a toll that helps all.

Ok, so how do I join?

First you need to be a SMARTY customer to interact. If you are not a SMARTY customer you can still visit the Community and read posts, but you cannot post articles or answer questions.

To join, login to your SMARTY account and follow the link to the Community site.

If you have completed a profile, you will be able to start interacting immediately.

If you haven’t completed your profile you will need to create a display name by which you will be known within the Community and agree to the terms and conditions, including the minimum age agreement. You will then receive an email requesting you to verify that address to complete registration via a link.

Once verified you will can proceed to the Community and be able to publish new articles, respond to other posts and join in the conversations, and welcome to the SMARTY Community.

  • SMARTY Team
  • December 14th, 2022