The fun (but useless) apps you may have forgotten

Remember all those apps you went mad for when they first came out… even though most of them were completely useless. Well, we were wondering what happened to them and if maybe now is the time for a revival!

Have a virtual pint

Picture the scene. You’re stuck working from home and outside the sun is shining. All you want is a refreshing beer, but you’re on the boss’s time. Well, how about a virtual one? With a frothy head, golden hue and lifelike graphics, you can down a pint whenever you fancy, and no one will be any the wiser.

Try out these virtual pints on iOS and Android.

Pop some bubble wrap

Now, while nothing compares to the real thing, these bubble wrap popping apps come pretty close. Addictive, calming and a little annoying to anyone sitting nearby, these apps might be just what this lockdown ordered.

Here are two versions for iOS and Android.

Get clipping

There aren’t many occasions where a fake hair clipping prank is more perfect than on lockdown’s dishevelled and grown out locks. A sleeping loved one is the best victim for a pretend shave, but don’t be surprised when they don’t trust you ever again!

Trim away on iOS and Android.

Light up your life

So this one really is rather useless, especially at the moment. As we won’t be rocking out at any concerts for a little while, you’ll have to wave your virtual lighter to your favourite Spotify playlist. Or if you’re feeling cheeky, offer it to a friend when they ask, ‘Has anyone got a light?’.

Light up on iOS and Android.

Use the Force

There’s always time for a little Star Wars fun. Download your very own lightsaber and use the force for good… or bad!

Are you a Jedi or Sith? Find out on iOS or Android.

Have your mind read by Akinator

Do you remember this guy? The Akinator can read your mind and guess any real or fictional character you’re thinking of… after asking a few questions. It really is quite clever and rather addictive (especially when you catch Akinator out)!

Ask the genie on iOS and Android.

Whip it

You might remember this little gem if you watched The Big Bang Theory. If you know someone in your household that’s ‘whipped’ then this soundboard is perfect for calling them out on it. Careful though, after a couple of months in lockdown, things could get tense.

Available on iOS and Android.

A DIY must-have

We thought it’d be best to end this list on an app that might actually come in useful. You can use this virtual spirit level for any of those nagging little DIY jobs you haven’t finished yet – put up a shelf, make a bookcase or hang a picture.

Do It Yourself on iOS and Android.

These apps shouldn’t take up too much of your mobile data, but if you just can’t stop drinking those virtual pints, maybe think about upgrading to our SMARTY 30GB plan for just £10 a month.

Now go and get popping, measuring, sabering and clipping!

  • SMARTY Team
  • May 31st, 2020