Unlimited calls, texts and data with SMARTY: 6 FAQs and answers

Navigating through the world of mobile plans can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to understanding what 'unlimited' truly means. Here at SMARTY Mobile, we believe in simplicity and honesty. That's why we're going to unravel common queries about our unlimited data SIM plans and share useful resources to demystify mobile.

1. Are calls and texts truly unlimited?

Yes, unlimited calls to standard numbers, unlimited SMS and MMS texts are included with all voice plans.

2. Is there a Fair Usage Policy on Unlimited data plans?

At SMARTY, "unlimited" means there’s no hidden restrictions or “fair use policies”. Our unlimited data plans have no hidden caps on data, ideal for endless streaming, scrolling and sharing without worrying about reaching a limit.

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3. Are there speed restrictions on unlimited data plans?

At SMARTY, we stand by our commitment to providing a transparent mobile service, which means we do not engage in data shaping or network throttling to deliberately reduce bandwidth or connection speeds.

4. Is roaming included in Unlimited plans?

When you travel abroad, our unlimited plans extend to cover roaming for unlimited calls and texts. You can also use up to 12GB of your monthly data allowance in the EU for no extra cost. Stay connected wherever you go without the stress of unexpected charges.

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5. Are SMARTY’s Unlimited plans truly no-contract?

All our plans operate on a monthly rolling basis, that means the freedom to stay as long as you wish, with the flexibility to adjust data monthly. Plus, no annual price hikes—rest easy knowing you're not tied in to any contracts or long term commitments.

6. Can I tether or hotspot with Unlimited data?

Absolutely! Our unlimited data plans are designed to be truly unlimited. You can make the most of your data for tethering or hotspot purposes without worrying about hidden restrictions or reduced speeds.

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Unlimited calls, texts and data with SMARTY

At SMARTY, we’re all about no-nonsense mobile plans that offer genuine value and flexibility. If you're looking for limitless connectivity without the hassle, check out our Unlimited data SIM plans designed to keep you connected without compromises. Choose SMARTY Mobile and get more for your money.

  • SMARTY Team
  • November 15th, 2023