Trust the experts

If you want something done right, it’s always best to ask an expert. We’ve collected a few top YouTube experts, covering issues from finance to cleaning to mechanics and more, to instruct you on how to make those stressful decisions much simpler.


Clever Girl Finance: If money has you twisted in knots, this channel covers everything you need to know to get your finances sorted. From tips for financial success, all the way down to tips for managing anxiety. Take a look here.

TD Ameritrade – Personal Finance: Get to grips with the basic financial principles, as taught by a broker themselves. This helpful series covers everything from budgeting to debt management and retirement planning. Check it out here.


Clean My Space: Melissa Maker produces regular content for all your cleaning needs. From the items in your food cupboard that can remove tough stains to the correct way to clean a hairbrush – no stone is left unturned (or un-bleached). Check it out here.


Micks Garage: As one of the biggest online resources for car parts and vehicle maintenance videos, Micks Garage shows you the things you’ve probably never been shown how to do. From replacing spark plugs to changing brake discs, learn how to take better care of your car, all by yourself. Spanners at the ready here.

Dad, how do I?: Born out of the desire to help those who might not have a parental figure to teach them things, this professional Dad shares his wisdom and how-to knowledge across a range of themes including how to fit a doorknob and how to change a tyre, as well as mental health and integrity. Take a look here.


Techflow: Interested in all things tech? Alex offers helpful advice, reviews, and installation tips on a range of tech gadgets, from laptops to smart home products, giving you the confidence to make the most of the tech that’s out there. Find out more here.

What did we tell you? Those difficult tasks and decisions suddenly look a lot simpler now, right?

Make the most of your new-found knowledge and start living a SMARTY life.


  • SMARTY Team
  • February 7th, 2022