Top hacks for green fingers

Now that summer is well and truly on the way, you probably want to start making the best use of your garden space. We’ve collected a few helpful tips and tricks to help you get your green fingers dirty…

Edge it

To keep your grass looking neat, sharp and straight, use a piece of timber as a guide and mark out the edges with a shovel.

An eggcellent hack

Next time you have boiled eggs, keep the shells and your egg box. Both can be really useful to plant seeds in. First, fill the shells with soil and push in a seed. Then sit the filled shells in the egg box. Once your seedlings appear you can crush up the eggshell a little before planting it in the ground. The shell will act as a natural fertiliser.

Roll with it

Cut empty toilet roll tubes in half and arrange them in a waterproof tray. Fill the tubes with soil, plant your seeds and wait for the seedlings to emerge. Like the eggshells, you can then plant the tubes and seedlings in the ground (the tubes will decompose).

Yes you can

Place empty cans at the bottom of large planters before you add the soil. This will create air pockets and give a better opportunity for water drainage.

Got milk?

You can make a DIY watering can by drilling holes in the screw-on lid of a plastic milk bottle. Or, cut the bottom of your milk bottles off and use the top to cover planted seedlings for a little protection and their very own greenhouse.

Sow like a pro

Push the bottom of a muffin tin into the soil and you’ve created the perfect, evenly spaced holes to sow your seeds.

Not just for coffee

Line the bottom of your plant pots with coffee filter paper. This will help drain excess water, while keeping all the soil in place.

Retrain those climbers

If your climbing plants are getting a little unruly, use a zip tie to hold them the fence or trellis they are growing up. Be careful not to tie them on too tight, just enough to guide them.

Goodbye weeds

So, now your garden is looking great, you don’t want any weeds creeping through and ruining the view. Create a non-toxic, but effective weed killer by mixing vinegar and washing up liquid in a spray bottle.

For more great tips check out this Buzzfeed article and the Family Handyman website.

  • SMARTY Team
  • June 25th, 2020