The SMARTY way to Staycation

With the world still up in the air and quarantine not yet completely out of sight, travelling abroad may not be top of your holiday list at the moment. Or perhaps you just fancy seeing what good old Blighty has to offer. Either way, there are tons of great resources out there to help you make the most of your staycation.

Exploring nearby

Fast becoming one of the best resources for finding great places to stay, AirBNB have a useful feature that helps you pick out the hidden gems located near you – from wood cabins to luxury suites and even local experiences to enjoy.

Last-minute holidays

Why not try Secret Escapes for some cracking UK hotel deals. Perfect for people who want to treat themselves at a fraction of the price (and some are fully refundable if cancelled).

Cottage rentals

Nothing says staycation like a cottage. At Independent Cottages you can find the right accommodation for you – from oast houses, to fisherman’s cottages, to farm stays. They offer a huge choice of last-minute breaks – perfect for spontaneous getaways. And many places are dog-friendly too, so the whole family can come.


A family favourite, camping is a must if you’re thinking about staycationing in the UK. To find places to camp visit Pitch Up, where you’ll discover all sorts of arrangements – including having a tent set up for when you arrive. Now that’s luxury!

Caravan hire

If camping doesn’t tickle your fancy, but you still want to try something ‘rustic’ that won’t break the bank, hiring a caravan is a great way to go. With Camplify you can rent a campervan or motorhome and combine your travel and accommodation all in one. Plus, they often come with loads of kit, so you’re ready from the get-go.

Places to visit

Sites like English Heritage and the National Trust are a great resource for finding things to do around the country – from beautiful parks and walking trails, to grand old houses and castles. There’s something for every appetite.

So, whatever type of holiday or experience you fancy, now is the best time to explore the delights of the UK. There’s lots to discover if you know where to look – and now you do :D

  • SMARTY Team
  • August 27th, 2020