The SMARTY travel guide

Travel, while fun, can be a stressful experience. There are lots of unknowns and a heck of a lot of planning required before you even leave. So, why not get some advice and inspiration from the YouTube experts?

Below is a list of our favourite travel vloggers; frequent flyers who are all well-equipped to share the very best tips, tricks and travel advice.

Pack Hacker Learn the best ways to pack your luggage, what you definitely need to bring and what’s best left at home. Pack Hacker also reviews the best travel products, so you know exactly what to look for. Take a look at their channel here.

David’s Been Here David Hoffman has been travelling the world for the last decade in search of unique culture, food and history. His videos show the incredible experiences on offer in the countries he visits – from casual street food to gourmet restaurants. Get inspired on his channel here.

Vagabrothers These adventurous brothers have been almost everywhere in the world. Their YouTube is packed full of inspirational videos, how-to’s and reviews of their experiences. What’s more, they often travel on a budget, so offer some great advice for savvy travellers. Explore their channel here.

Kara and Nate From traveling America in a van to visiting 100 different countries in a year, Kara and Nate’s videos give an insight into the costs and logistics of exploring somewhere new. This couple try a bit of everything – from sleeping in the desert to exploring Antarctica. Check out their channel here.

Lost Le Blanc A vlogger with a passion for film-making and travel, Lost Le Blanc tries out the most incredible travel experiences to show you what you’re missing. From short city breaks to month long stays, he provides cost breakdowns of everything he does – so you can see what fits your budget. Interested? Take a look at his channel here.

The Bucketlist Family Without question, the most famous traveling family around. From surfing to skiing, to long haul flighting – they’ve got great advice for holidaying with the kids. Not only are they entertaining to watch, but you’ll also learn a lot. See what they’re up to next on their channel.

Well, if that hasn’t inspired you to book your next holiday, we don’t know what will.

Get packing. Team SMARTY

  • SMARTY Team
  • February 11th, 2022