The best things in life are limitless

Everyone loves a bargain and there's nothing better than a never-ending one. Some of my favourite things in life are love, puppies and seeing the words “unlimited free refills” on a menu, so to celebrate the greatness of everlasting bargains, we've got our favourite unlimited deals. Now all you need to worry about is what to spend your spare cash on.

Unlimited refills in restaurants

It's true, you really can get unlimited refills in some places in the UK. In Nando's, for example, you can grab yourself an unlimited fizzy drink for as little as £2.70, which will help you keep your cool when you order ‘flaming hot'. And for dessert, there's unlimited fro-yo. What's not to love?

Similarly, Beefeater chain pub restaurants offer unlimited refillable diet fizzy drinks, meaning you can sip your way through your meal without worrying about racking up a huge charge. They don't stop at refillable pop either. With their grill menu, you'll also benefit from unlimited chips. Yes, you heard me. An endless supply of carby goodness to accompany your grilled main. What more could you want? The best part is, these are included in the regular price of the main. There's no extra cost.

Unlimited cinema screenings

If you're a film buff, chances are your favourite activity is popping to the cinema with your shop-bought popcorn in hand (because nobody wants to pay the extortionate cinema prices). And you've probably noticed that ticket prices are on the rise, meaning that it's harder to go so regularly. That is, unless you're using one of the unlimited screening offers on the market. Cineworld have been offering their Unlimited card for a while now, which gives the holder unlimited regular cinema screenings, 10% off food and drink in Cineworld cinemas and extra discounts in selected restaurants. And it's priced from £17.90 a month, meaning you'd only need to see two films to get your money's worth. Or, if Odeon's more your bag, their Limitless scheme offers 10% discount on in-cinema food and drink and unlimited screenigs of regular films too. Odeon's is priced from £17.99 a month, so both are pretty similar, and both are amazing value. Oh, and did I mention the exclusive advanced screenings you can get access to with both of these memberships? Yep. Awesome, right?

Unlimited dining with all-you-can-eat restaurants

Nothing twins better with a trip to the cinema than a tasty debrief at the nearest restaurant. What's even better is when the food keeps flowing indefinitely, ensuring you'll always leave full. More and more, restaurants are offering all-you-can-eat portions on their menu, and we think it's awesome.

Pizza Hut offer their hugely popular all-you-can-eat lunch buffet from opening until 3pm every week day (except for bank holidays and certain special occasions), and you'll have the run of their salad bar and a variety of pizzas. Fill yourself with that doughy, cheesy goodness for just £7.50 per person (or £4.99 for any little ones you've got with you).

If you're more of a breakfast fan, Harvester restaurants do a truly endless breakfast experience, too. For just £4.99, you can order a personalised cooked breakfast that's completely unlimited; once you've finished your plate, just grab your waiter or waitress and re-order a whole new one. Plus, they have vegan and vegetarian options and a breakfast bar of unlimited cereal, fruits and drinks too. And if you're really splashing out, go back for dinner at Harvester and you can enjoy the bottomless salad bar with any main meal, too.

Unlimited data

Our favourite unlimited offer is the SMARTY Unlimited SIM Only plan! Get all the data, minutes and texts you could want. There's no UK restrictions and no caps, just data for days. There's no tethering limit either, so you can use your hotspot all day long.

EU roaming is included at no extra cost, up to a fair usage limit of 12GB, and you get all of this for just £20 a month. Think that's smart? Nope. That's SMARTY.

Katie Nicholls
  • Katie Nicholls
  • Digital Content Writer
  • March 1st, 2019