The best Easter egg deals for 2019

We’re always looking for ways to save you money. It’s what we stand for. Like when we give you money back for unused data, it just makes sense.

So as Easter peeks around the corner, what better way to welcome it than offering you the chance to save on those chocolate goodies. And of course, have some fun over the Easter holiday.

Cheap and cheep-ful?

Okay that was a pretty bad pun, but you get the gist. Cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality, it can simply mean great savings.

If you’re looking for that quality egg to give to your aunt, who used to pinch your cheeks until they turned red, then why not opt for this one from Tesco:

The famous names signature collection large egg is half price. That’s £5 for this Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, with 8 of the finest liqueur chocolates inside. Obviously only for adults, so your aunt will love it.

Eggs kids will love

Check out some of the large and extra large eggs that Tesco have on offer at the moment, so you can be sure you’re getting more choc for your buck.

If you’re after the egg that’ll give you a quick choccy fix without breaking the bank, Asda have a truckload of eggs for a quid. That’s right, great brand Easter eggs for a pound each.

But I’m vegan! Don’t leave me out

Fear not, vegans. Morrisons are doing a lovely little range of vegan Easter eggs, so you can get that glorious sweet fix just like everyone else.

Fun and games

We all love a bit of Easter fun, right? But good weather is never guaranteed, so, you may find yourself sitting on the sofa as the rain hammers down. Here are a few ideas for quick and easy Easter games that’ll work whatever the weather.

Match-egg pairs

Get a pack of plastic Easter eggs - available in Hobbycraft for £1 - and fill each pair of eggs with little goodies. You could put coins inside, or little sweets.

Then mix the eggs up. Take it in turns to pick the eggs up and shake them to see if you can identify what’s inside. It’s the perfect easy game for bank holiday boredom. You can even offer a prize to the person who matches the most eggs.

Easter Game Apps

So, you didn’t have time to boil eggs, or get those paints? No worries. There are plenty of apps you can use for Easter mobile fun.

If a classic egg hunt sounds like your thing, try Hidden Egg Hunt, which is available on both Android and iOS. Here’s the trailer.

Another one to try is Easter Sweeper, which is a bit of a challenge but loads of fun. The matching three style design of this game means that your memory will be given a workout too. There are over 1,200 games, so get the spring flowers blooming, reveal Easter bunnies and get collect golden eggs. This is only available on iOS.

Something a little different

Easter Coloring Book

This one is for those who’d rather sit back and chill - with an Easter egg of course. A colouring app that revolves around Easter. Make those Easter bunnies fun and vibrant or liven the Eggs up with some dazzling colours. Perfect for that bit of creativity on an Easter Sunday.

So Happy egg hunting, shopping, and colouring, everyone. And don’t forget to thank us when you’re living your best Easter life.

  • SMARTY Team
  • April 17th, 2019