The annual unwanted gift swap

Christmas is a time for giving. But sometimes that bowtie set from grandma or your daughter’s 7th identical Barbie doll just doesn’t cut the mustard (or should that be cranberry sauce?).

But as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so why not use the magic of the internet to cash-in those unwanted gifts or make room for your new stuff.

What are your options?

It used to be that eBay was the first place you’d go to sell your unwanted treasures. But now there are more and more options available – from Shpock to Gumtree, Depop to Preloved and Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook vs eBay

The big plus for Facebook Marketplace is that it’s fees-free, while some auction or boot sale apps like eBay take a 10% commission – and when you add this to PayPal fees, it can be quite a chunk of your profit.

The only drawback with local selling groups is that you don’t have the buyer and seller protection that you do with the likes of eBay. So there’s little comeback if do encounter problems.

Top tips for selling online

  1. Write a good description – Be clear and concise. And don’t try and hide any flaws, you’ll only have to answer for it later.

  2. Measure items to give accurate information – Whether it’s a wardrobe or a jumper, nobody wants something that doesn’t fit.

  3. Don’t price yourself out of the market – Look at similar items to get an idea of what your item will sell for.

More tips for successful and safe selling can be found on our blog: How to sell on eBay and Shpock.

What sells best and where?

When it comes to choosing where to sell your items, there are a lot of things to consider. But aside from postage costs, commissions and speed, you should also think about whether the platform you’re using is best for the items you’re selling.

Facebook: Great for selling old games consoles, TVs, DVDs, baby grows, toys and other kid’s stuff. It’s good to think local – what kind of items would you collect in person e.g. sofas and furniture.

eBay: A bit of everything, but often higher-value and more niche items do better. So, think about things like art, camera lenses, an old computer, or even a car .

Depop: The go-to for second-hand clothing – be it vintage, old school sports gear, rare items or just run of the mill fashion.

Preloved: For the puppy that was just for Christmas…. (only joking).

So, there are loads of easy ways to shift the presents you weren’t so keen on this Christmas. But before you do, why not give them another chance – you never know, they might grow on you.

  • SMARTY Team
  • January 20th, 2021