Summer holidays are coming!

Whether it’s a big adventure or a modest weekend away you can’t wait, right?

Be great to switch off, unwind and take things easy. Enjoy the simple things – more sleep more relaxing, and less thinking.

And there are a few handy apps out there to help, even before you get there.

Skyscanner’s the classic, but have you tried out travel app Kayak? Great for flights, hotels, and car rentals, it’ll even buy for you when the price looks like it’s not going to get any better – what’s not to love?

Once you’ve got your travel and accommodation sorted, how about the packing? We get it – it’s a pain point – but we’ve found a simpler way. Packpoint is a great app for the reluctant packer in us all. Just put in your destination, activities etc and it creates a packing list – that’s the way we like things at SMARTY – straightforward and simple. So, it’s arrivederci to hunting through Italian streets looking for some contact lens solution, ‘cos yours is still on the bathroom shelf. This app suggests a list and lets you add to it. Just tick things off as you put them in your bag – genius.

And when you’re there you might want these apps in your corner.

Lonely Planet is great for really detailed info on your destination. We love the Eat, Sleep, Shop, Drink, Play options on City Guides: Guides by Lonely Planet. Clear and honest info ready to go in your pocket.

City Mapper is a transit app and mapping service with an emphasis on public transport. It integrates data from all urban modes of transport, from walking and cycling to driving. So, not only is it better for your pocket and the environment, but you also get to see how the locals do it – much better for getting in amongst things.

And when you’ve done enough chilling and you fancy a giggle then this is hilarious – our current guilty pleasure is Charades! Sing, dance, act or describe clues against pals for some good honest laughs. Check out which charade category you’d want to play on iOS or Android.

All that’s left to remember is the good news that while you’re travelling, calling and texting with SMARTY you only pay for what you use, and you get back what you don’t. If you’re travelling within the EU then everything works the same as at home. If you’re travelling outside the EU then all you need to do is pay as you go.

Don’t forget you’ll need to make a one-off change to your phone settings before you go abroad. Otherwise, your SMARTY SIM won’t work.

It’s simple and straightforward to set up your SMARTY roaming – it takes 2 minutes, you just need to get it ticked off the list before you go, and you’re golden.

Happy travels!

Caroline Snare
  • Caroline Snare
  • Commercial Copywriter
  • June 26th, 2019