SMARTY Family Plans. Have your say!

This blog post was written in 2019 and we are happy to share that group plans are now available on SMARTY with the features described! You can set up and manage a group using the SMARTY app, which is available to download on iOS and Android.

We're planning to start offering family plans in 2019 and want to do this in a SMARTY way. Have a read of our plans below and if you're interested in signing up or want to give us some feedback, we'd love to hear from you.

Offering a family plan

Managing phone plans for the family can be a pain. Contracts are expensive and inflexible. Each person has different data needs. Keeping track of several bills across different providers is complicated. The best value deals often come with poor customer service.

We’re looking at ways to provide a simple and cost effective way to manage all your family’s phone plans in one place. We’d love your feedback to help us shape what that might look like.

Here’s a few of the ideas we’ve been thinking about.

Multiple plans in one place

Set up a family plan and each person can have a different plan with a data allowance that suits them. You can add people and manage everything on your SMARTY dashboard.

One data plan for the whole family

Remove the hassle of managing multiple plans and data allowances by buying data for the whole family. One pool of data, one bill for your family.

Set limits and alerts for data usage

Set data limits for each person. Get alerts when someone is using too much. Even turn data off when it’s homework or family time.

Big savings

Get an additional 10% family discount as well as money off the bill for unused data.

Super simple bill

Manage billing and data add-ons for the whole family on one simple dashboard. A single monthly payment from your card.

Interested? Let us know

Sound good? Which ideas do you prefer? What are we missing? We’d love your feedback. Let us know.

Ian Buckley
  • Ian Buckley
  • Head of Digital
  • May 30th, 2019