Meet the SMARTY app’s new security features

Have you downloaded the new SMARTY app yet?

Not only is it packed full of great ways to make managing your account even easier, but we’ve been working on some features that will enhance the security of your SMARTY account and help prevent fraud.

Multi-factor authentication

Instead of logging in with just your email and password, we’ll now send you a verification code via SMS or email. This helps us to protect your account from unauthorised access. You can even set your device as ‘trusted’, so you won’t have to log in this way every time.

Biometric app lock

If your device supports it, you can now choose to turn on a biometric app lock to protect access to your account. This means the SMARTY app will use your phone’s fingerprint or facial recognition software to log in. To set this up, just go to Privacy & Security > Screen Lock.

Learn more about the SMARTY app here, or download the app now on iOS or Android.

  • SMARTY Team
  • September 27th, 2021