Scream if you wanna go faster

SMARTY 5G will be powered by Three - which means the UK’s fastest 5G network is coming your way. To start with you’ll enjoy superfast HD streaming, ultra-smooth gaming, and rapid downloads.

In the future 5G gets even more interesting. Technologies like haptic feedback mean you’ll be able to touch and feel realistic VR worlds while chilling on the sofa. For experience junkies 5G is going to be massive.

But what if you can’t wait for the future to arrive? What if you need some spine-tingling sensation now? Well, we’ve got an idea – squeeze more out of the summer by scaring yourself silly on some of the UK’s most extreme roller coasters.

If you’re not one to mess about then head straight for the UK’s fastest coaster – Stealth at Thorpe Park. Involuntary gurning is inevitable as you’re blasted from zero to 80mph and vertically to 205ft in under two-seconds. Maybe do this one before lunch.

Definitely go easy on the hotdogs before taking on Nemesis at Alton Towers. It’s been around for a while, but for coaster connoisseurs it’s a must. Your feet dangle free as you experience 3.5g spiralling through corkscrews, inverting over loops, and plunging toward rocks at 50mph.

If 3.5g just doesn’t do it for you, then try 4.5g on Swarm at Thorpe Park. There’s nothing but air between you and the ground as you swoop and flip at 60mph through an apocalyptic world. You can even buy a little souvenir trophy afterwards to celebrate the fact you survived.

Roller coasters are scary, but theme-park ticket prices can be as well, so make sure you buy in advance – it can be almost half-price. Plus, if you can print your tickets at home you won’t have to join the really, really long queue when you get. And, if you’re worried about the weather – don’t be. Some places offer a rainy-day guarantee – if it pours non-stop for more than an hour – you’ll get free entry on another day.

So, go turn your stomach inside out and put on your bravest face. But, as you hurtle toward the ground at 4.5g on a big coaster, remember that it’s not a patch on 5G. And soon you’ll experience this for yourself. Don’t miss out. Make sure you stay up to date with SMARTY’s 5G launch by registering your interest.

Dan Batley
  • Dan Batley
  • SMARTY Blogger
  • September 3rd, 2019