Refresh your lockdown recipes

Has this long lockdown exhausted your recipe ideas? If so, here’s a whole host of online culinary inspiration from some of the world’s top chefs.

Jamie Oliver

The Naked Chef is pretty active on his YouTube channel, uploading cooking tutorials every week. The channel often features guest appearances from other chefs, as well as cooking hosted by Oliver’s mentor Gennaro Contaldo and sometimes even Jamie’s kids.

Avante Garde Vegan

Ex-professional chef Gaz Oakley uploads sumptuous vegan recipes every week to his YouTube channel, as well as videos on fitness, fashion, travel and music – so you get the whole package! His recent bread-making video is sure to go down a treat during lockdown.

Gordon Ramsey

The formidable Gordon Ramsey is another top chef who uploads weekly onto his YouTube channel. You’ll find a mixture of recipes, from sea bass to steak, as well as cooking techniques and a few treasures from the Ramsey archives.

Happy Pear

If you’re looking for some Irish charm to go with your vegan cooking, twins Dave and Steve of Happy Pear are sure to float your boat. They upload delicious vegan recipes twice a week to their YouTube channel and cover everything from easy pasta sauces to indulgent cakes and protein burgers.

Ching-He Huang

A regular on our TV screens, Ching-He Huang is known for her wonderful Chinese recipes. Her YouTube channel is full of inspiration and tips, so instead of splurging on a takeaway, you can make the real thing yourself.

Now, for those of you who haven’t already jumped on the TikTok bandwagon, there are a number of great food content creators hiding out on this app. Here are a couple to look out for:

Georgie Halfacree

With multiple tasty and simple uploads a week, UK-based Georgie is a must to follow. From pasta to salmon, sweet treats to vegan recipes – there is truly something for everyone. Follow her on TikTok at @georgiehalfacree, or on YouTube (although she doesn’t post there as often).

Tabitha Brown

We’d definitely recommend following @iamtabithabrown for daily uploads of tasty vegan treats and a sprinkling of inspirational pep talks. A rising star, Tabitha was even recently interviewed by Vogue and has a YouTube channel where she uploads her TikToks.

Sean and Mimi

If you love Italian food then you’ll love this pair – Sean from Las Vegas gained popularity with TikTok videos featuring his grandma (Mimi), who is not happy unless she’s feeding her grandson. You can follow Sean’s TikToks at @seanhavens, or catch up with them on YouTube, where you can learn to cook like Mimi, with dishes including pizza, gnocci and chicken cutlets… YUM!

Well, if that hasn’t left your mouth watering, we don’t know what will. But to be sure your recipe surfing doesn’t use up all your data, why not pick up a 30GB SIM plan for just £10 a month from SMARTY. That way you can keep exploring new recipes and expanding those taste buds, and maybe by the end of lockdown we’ll have some new chefs on our hands (which we’ll take the credit for of course).


  • SMARTY Team
  • June 4th, 2020