More SMARTY for your money

It doesn’t matter whether it’s your weekly shop, filling up your car or your favourite streaming services – these days, it feels as though prices are only going up and we’re often paying more for less. That’s why we’re super excited to tell you about our new plans that will allow you to enjoy more SMARTY for your money!

We’re delighted to share that we’ve just introduced 4 new plans meaning you can get more data for your money:

150GB for £15 • Our £10 plan now comes with 40GB of data a month
• Our £8 plan now comes with 16GB of data a month • Our £6 plan now comes with 5GB of data month

Our customers have been the driving force in our mission to keep mobile simple and honest, so we’re delighted to be able to help your money go further with these great new plans and also to provide more options to suit as wide a range of needs and budgets as possible.

If you’re already a SMARTY customer and want to move to one of these new plans, you can upgrade or switch using the dashboard. If you don’t change your plan, you’ll remain on your existing plan for as long as you like. If this plan has a promotion applied, it will remain applied until its expiry or until you change to a different plan.

Please note, if you change plans from a discontinued plan to one of our new plans, you will not be able to change back, and any existing promotions will cease. So please make sure that the new plan is a better deal for you.

If you’re a new customer, these deals are available on our plans page right now.

SMARTY SIM-only deals

If you’re new to SMARTY, you might not be familiar with the ways we keep mobile simple and honest.

Firstly, all of our plans are one-month rolling plans – that means no long contract, no annual prices and the ability to change or cancel your plan whenever you want.

All of our Voice plans come with uncapped fast 5G & 4G data, as well as unlimited UK calls & texts as standard, so you can pick a plan based on your data needs. You can even use your plan in the EU, with up to 12GB of EU Roaming included, and calls and texts to the UK, at no extra cost.

Ready to give award-winning simple, honest mobile a try? Take a look at our SIM-only plans to find one that works for you.

  • SMARTY Team
  • August 22nd, 2023