Less malarkey, more SMARTY

Last week, we proudly introduced our new campaign: Less Malarkey, more SMARTY!

We know the world is a complicated place, full of needless complexity. So, at SMARTY we strive to keep things simple and honest – no matter what we do, we’ll always ask, is there a simpler way?

In our new campaign, we challenge those moments of everyday Malarkey. Check out our new adverts, Crypto Farmer and White Paint – you’ll soon see what we mean!

And to celebrate the launch of our new campaign, we have two simple offers at two amazing prices. Until 9th May, you can get 60GB of data for £10 a month or 4GB for £5 a month – all with no annual price rises and no contract. Better yet, you can also refer a friend to SMARTY and if they join you’ll both receive a £10 Gift Card for Amazon.co.uk, John Lewis Partnership or Uber – the choice is yours!

Sticking to the theme of keeping things simple, we’d love to hear what little things you do to make a big difference in everyday life. Be sure to join the SMARTY Community and share your life hack that really cuts through the malarkey – who knows, you might even learn a handy thing or two from another community member!

  • SMARTY Team
  • February 20th, 2023