Is Your Phone Unlocked? Here's How to Check & Unlock It

Unlocking your phone opens up a world of possibilities, giving you the flexibility to switch network, sell your unlocked device for a better price, and more. Want to know how to check if your phone is unlocked and unlock it for any network? This guide has got you covered!

How to Check If Your Phone Is Unlocked:

Quick Settings Check:

iPhone: Navigate to 'Settings' > 'General' > 'About'. Look for 'Carrier Lock' or 'Network Provider Lock'. If it says 'No SIM restrictions', your iPhone is unlocked.

Android: Steps may vary. Try 'Settings' > 'Connections' > 'Mobile Networks' > 'Network Operators'. If your phone scans for networks, it's likely unlocked.

Try a Different Network's SIM Card:

Power off your phone, replace your current SIM with one from another network, and restart your device. If you can make a call, your phone is unlocked.

Contact Your Network:

Your current carrier can confirm if your phone is unlocked. They can also often provide unlocking services if you meet their criteria.

Use Your IMEI Number:

Dial #06# to find your IMEI number. An online IMEI checker can also tell you if your phone is unlocked

How to Unlock a Phone to Any Network for Free:

The first step is to contact your current carrier. Many carriers offer free phone unlocking once you've fulfilled your contract, settled your device payments, or met their unlocking requirements. You'll typically need to provide your account details and IMEI number. If you meet the criteria, your carrier will process your request, which may take a few days. Once approved, they'll provide instructions to complete the unlocking process.

Why Unlock Your Phone?

Once your phone is unlocked, you're no longer restricted to the tariffs offered by the network from which you purchased your device. That means you’re free to choose any SIM only deal and you can shop around for a network that offer better plans.

Plus, unlocking your phone can increase its resale value, as unlocked devices typically get higher prices and sell faster compared to those still tied to a specific network.

Check out this blog if you’re looking for tips on how to sell your old phone!

Looking for A New Network for Your Unlocked Phone?

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  • SMARTY Team
  • March 13th, 2024