How to do a dry Bank Holiday – SMARTY style

Okay, we're going to say it. This Bank Holiday is going to be dry. Yes, DRY. Maybe not Easter levels of loveliness, but we’re not looking at a wash out either.

So, save your money, don't book a last-minute European getaway in search of the sun. There's plenty to do in the UK this Bank Holiday weekend and we've even got some SMARTY hacks for a lovely, but simple long weekend.

The easy win is to go outside – it usually costs less than getting in anywhere. Plus, the month of May is named after the Roman goddess Maia, who looked after the growth of plants. So, why not get out amongst them?

You needn't buy a ticket to a fancy park or garden to enjoy your fair share of florals this weekend. #wisteriahysteria is peaking right now. What's wisteria we hear you cry? It's the lilac big hitter that graces the sides of many a building in villages and cities alike throughout May. Take yourself on a wander through your local neighbourhood and get snapping and sharing to be a part of something.

The Chelsea Flower Show's been hitting the headlines. Think the Duchess of Cambridge on a swing, but it's pricey and sold out. The SMARTY hack is to check out the Chelsea Fringe. There are lots of free events happening all over London. You're really in luck if, like us, you love the majesty of an honest tree. All 33 of London's Tree Officers (how cool is that job title) have been asked to name their 12 favourite trees in their borough. Trees are the unsung heroes of London, it would be rude not to show them some love – find out the trees that made it into the top 12 where you are.

The National Trust offers some great days out. And you don't have to be a member of the NT to enjoy some of them. There are lots of places you can go for a walk and get to the scrummy cakes and ice-cream café without paying an entrance fee or membership. The National Trust app is great, it's iOS devices only though, so check out too for your nearest day-out.

With all this outdoor, healthy stuff going on you might not need all that data. No worries. We’ll give you a discount on what you haven’t used. At the end of each month we take the data you haven’t used and discount your next plan - at a rate of £1.25 per GB. That means for 3GB of unused data, you’ll get £3.75 off your next month. We even calculate using remaining MBs, not GBs.

That’s how SMARTY does a dry May Bank Holiday weekend. Enjoy yours. x

Caroline Snare
  • Caroline Snare
  • Commercial Copywriter
  • May 23rd, 2019