Helping those in need throughout the COVID-19 outbreak

Things may be a little chaotic and uncertain at the moment, but it’s at times like these that the Internet sends out its rallying call.

COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK is an amazing band of volunteers supporting local community groups who are organising mutual aid, resources and connections for those in need, all across the country.

If you’re interested in getting involved – whether that be to set up your own mutual aid group (there are tons of great resources and guides), offer errand-running services, or provide emotional comfort to those who need it – check out the COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK website where you can find your local group.

If we all do our bit to help each other out (and forget about stock-piling toilet paper) we can make self-isolation happier, safer and healthier for the most vulnerable in our communities.

We believe in you!


  • SMARTY Team
  • March 17th, 2020