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This article was written in 2019 and although SMARTY does not currently sell phones, SMARTY customers can get extra discounts on great value refurbished phones from reboxed®. Phones on reboxed® are already up to 40% cheaper than new handsets and SMARTY customers can get a further discount. reboxed® refurbished phones have been quality checked by their 70-point TechCheck® certification process and include a 12-month warranty, so that you can shop with confidence. Find out more about our partnership with reboxed® here.

We’re planning to start offering phones in 2019, and want to do this in a SMARTY way. Have a read of our plans below, and if you’re interested in getting your next phone from SMARTY, or want to give us some feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

A SMARTY selection of affordable phones

Getting a new phone can be exciting - it’s an opportunity to upgrade to a newer, shinier model that does more. We also know the latest flagship models are becoming really expensive. Our plan is to focus on affordable phones that give you great specs at a nice price.

As well as the usual Apple or Samsung models, we’re considering refurbished phones and newer models from lesser known brands.

Flexible finance options

Paying for a phone upfront can be a big outlay, and normal contracts can work out pricey in the long term. We’ve been looking at flexible finance options that help you avoid a large upfront payment but don’t end up costing a fortune in the end.

Recycle your old phone to pay for your new one

We’re looking at introducing a phone recycling scheme that lets you unlock the value in your old phone. Cash in your old phone, convert it into free data, or give the money to charity.

Hassle free damage protection

Cracked screens are painful. We’re investigating how we can offer simple and affordable handset cover that gives you peace of mind in case the worst happens.

Boosting your data discount

Finally, we’re looking at different ways that you can use your data discount when you have a phone with us. From double discounts for phone customers, using your discount as a down payment against a new device, or using it to pay for insurance.

Interested? Let us know.

Sound good? Anything missing? If you're interested in getting your next phone from SMARTY, or just want to give us some feedback, let us know.

Ian Buckley
  • Ian Buckley
  • Head of Digital
  • February 12th, 2019