Fancy a month free? Well, who wouldn't?

This post was written in 2019 and our refer-a-friend offer has now changed. Please visit Refer a friend and get a £10 voucher to see the details of our current offer.

Since when did you get last get something for free? Something, that's better than those little samples you find stuck inside your magazine. Maybe during student days, when you got a McFlurry or a cheeseburger with your meal. But what if we told you, SMARTY could give you a month free off your phone bill.

Yes, you read that right.

As an existing customer of SMARTY, you might already be familiar with our refer-a-friend scheme. No? Well, where have you been? For every qualifying friend (yes, every) you get a free month added to your SMARTY account, meaning you'll save your plan charge for that month.

What's better? The fact there is no cap on how many people you recommend. That's right! Referring more than 1 person gets you more months for free. For 1 friend, you get 1 month, for 12 friends you get 12 months (well, a year of course), 100 friends, 100 months. Need we go on? So, just by referring your mates you can cover the cost of your bill for as long as you're with SMARTY.

To encourage your friends to sign up, we're offering them a £10 Amazon voucher and 1 month free too until the end of this year, so plenty of time. They'll get this after 14 days of being on SMARTY. Just a little sweetener to help you get as many months free as possible. After the initial 14 days, they too can start referring friends so get in there before they do. That's right newbie, you can refer friends and take advantage of this offer too!

Want to refer friends? Simply log in to your SMARTY dashboard and scroll down the page to the refer-a-friend section. Then you can decide to personalise each referral by sharing your link via email or post your unique link to social feeds for all your friends to see.

What are you waiting for? Get referring. To find out more, check out the SMARTY refer-a-friend page.

Kellee Taylor Williams
  • Kellee Taylor Williams
  • DR Optimisation Manager
  • March 8th, 2019