Clean up with these great apps

Is it just us or does it feel like all we do at the moment is clean? What with home-schooling, working from home and spending every minute of every day indoors, things just get messy quickly.

But have no fear, because we’ve collected a list of the best cleaning apps to get you motivated, keep you organised and help you give your home a bit of a spruce up.


Need a bit of motivation to get cleaning? Why not turn things into a fun game with Tody, available on iOS and Android. You’ll get notifications to encourage you and a chance to claim credit for the tasks you complete.


Keep your home clean and clutter free with Spotless on iOS. Set up multiple home areas (bathroom, kitchen and living room) and create task lists for each one. Tick off each task as you go or set deadlines for completion.

Clean My House

Organise your house cleaning and schedule errands at the same time. Clean My House will remind you each morning what needs to be done that day, so you can gradually tick off your to-do list. Available on Android.


With its pen and paper feel, the Do! app on iOS is perfect for creating a house keeping to-do list. Add colour coding to your tasks to differentiate by room and use the widget for easy viewing.

Our Home

If you want something more than just a cleaning app, Our Home lets you manage tasks, family events, track shopping lists and stay organised. You can also give your kids (or partner) points for the tasks they complete. Available on Android and iOS.

Laundry Day

Wash at 30°? Do not wring? Dry clean only? Do you need help deciphering all those symbols on your clothes tags? With the Laundry Day app on iOS you need only scan your clothes tag and it’ll make sense of those symbols to tell you exactly what they mean. Neat, huh?

Cleaning Checklist

Looking for a checklist app that’ll let you divide tasks by room? The Cleaning Checklist on Android is clear, simple and easy to use. Plus, you can share the list with your untidy housemates too.

Well, with all these apps to help you out there really is no excuse for a messy bedroom or dirty toilet… unless you just happen to lose your phone wink wink

Happy cleaning!

  • SMARTY Team
  • February 19th, 2021