Buy and sell pre-owned tech safely with our new partner Vendi

Looking for a phone upgrade, but don’t want to splash out on a brand-new one?

We know that buying a pre-owned new or second-hand phone can feel like a risky business. That’s why we’re partnering with vendi – a marketplace where you can safely buy and sell verified phones, tablets and accessories like AirPods.

What makes vendi different?

vendi provides peace of mind to both buyers and sellers of second-hand devices by managing the whole transactional process, including verifying the devices before money is exchanged.

If you’re buying, there’s no more worrying about what condition your second-hand phone will be delivered in. All devices are tested at one of vendi’s ‘verification centres’, undergoing a 30-point diagnostic check to ensure everything is as described on the listing.

Payment is not released to the seller until all device checks have been made. Once verified, the device is either picked up or sent directly from vendi – so no seller liaising required. Sellers can therefore rest assured that their buyer will be happy and won’t make any charge backs, or incorrect delivery claims.

What’s more, vendi have an excellent rating on Trustpilot and Apple Store. All those happy customers can’t be wrong.

We’ll be giving you more info about this great new partnership and its benefits as time goes on, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest news.


  • SMARTY Team
  • December 11th, 2020