Booking bargain flights from your phone

Have you got holiday fever, but you’re saving for that elusive mortgage? Want to get away without your finances getting in the way? Using your phone, SMARTY can help you find the funkiest flights for the lowest cost, meaning you can live the jet-set lifestyle without sky high prices.


Avid travellers might already be familiar with Skyscanner and their amazing app, but for those of you who aren’t, Skyscanner is essentially a price comparison site for flights all over the world. Download their app, log in and start searching. It’s that easy! You can set your starting and ending point as any city or airport. Skyscanner then shows you all the results, from the cheapest to the most expensive. Not sure you’re ready to book yet? Set an alert and Skyscanner will tell you when the cost of flights to a set destination are dropping, meaning you might get an even bigger bargain.

Skyscanner also lets you search for trains and hotels too, so you can sort out your whole trip from your phone! A perfect use of data.


Hopper is another fantastic flight tracking app. When you put in your start and end destinations, Hopper will give you an entire year of dates, colour coded in relation to price. This is perfect for working out how to dodge those Summer holiday prices, or for deciding when you plan your getaway around when you can save some money. It’s app-only so you won’t find it on a browser, but it’s easy to use and everything’s straightforward. Just like SMARTY!

Tips & tricks

Aside from the apps that exist, there’s a few other tips to getting those perfect flights for the perfect price. Remember that being flexible with your dates (if you can be) allows you to find the cheaper deals. Flying into LA for November, for example, is considerably cheaper than trying to go for the Summer months.

Also, if you’re browsing for flights regularly, remember to clear your cookies on your phone or browser, so you’re getting the most legitimate pricing for the flights you’re considering.

Finally, you’re going to get the best prices out of season, or with stopovers, so be prepared to be flexible. Stopovers can add an extra flair to your holiday, so think of it as extra country for your cash, rather than an additional inconvenience.

While you’re travelling…

Let SMARTY help. You’ve snagged your bargain flights and packed your bags to jet out to your exotic new destination. So, don’t forget about your mobile roaming data. On SMARTY, the usual EU roaming regulations apply, and you can buy one of our great Add-ons for anywhere outside of the EU to avoid expensive roaming charges. The best part? Anything you don’t use from your Add-on will be refunded, just like any of your unused data. No more paying more to upload the best beach selfies.

Katie Nicholls
  • Katie Nicholls
  • Digital Content Writer
  • January 18th, 2019