8 YouTubers making crypto less… cryptic

Cryptocurrency is a mysterious thing. Everyone’s heard of it, but not many people really understand it. So, what is crypto? Do I need to buy some? And should I even care?

There are plenty of YouTubers proclaiming you can get rich quick, but we’ve found a few savvy experts who can help you get your head around this new trend.


Looking to get into Bitcoin, but don’t know where to start? This channel is for you. These comprehensive, straightforward, and easy to understand videos cover everything from Bitcoin wallets and Bitcoin mining to how to avoid fraud. Take a look now.


Described as the one-stop-shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies and financial markets. This level-headed creator helps interpret all the charts and data – helping his audience stay calm on the ups and not panic on the downs. See for yourself.

Coin Bureau

Avoid the hype and get a clear, unbiased view of the cryptocurrency markets. If you’re looking to find crypto projects to invest in over the long-term, Coin Bureau is a great place to learn the fundamentals. Check it out here.

Lark Davis

If you like to keep your crypto chat light-hearted, New Zealand-based Lark’s witty humour helps inject life into the deep explorations of tech disruption and blockchain solutions. He created the channel to help teach people about cryptocurrency investing, diversifying portfolios, growing wealth, and making money. Watch a video today.

Benjamin Cowen

Want to dive deeper into the metrics that are driving the crypto market? Ben Cowen approached cryptocurrency from a practical perspective, using his science, engineering, and programmatic background to make the metrics digestible for the community. Take a look now.

BitBoy Crypto

Get the latest crypto news, project reviews, and cryptocurrency trading advice. Learn about different altcoins, historical Bitcoin cycles, & get the latest Ethereum news. Plus, watch interviews with top crypto CEOs. Join the BitSquad today.

Ivan on Tech

Hosted by Swedish-based software developer Ivan, this channel covers macro topics regarding the crypto and blockchain space. He also offers insight into political shifts and crypto industry changes that affect the markets. Take a look now.

Savvy Finance

It does what it says on the tin. This handy channel creates videos about investments and how to put your money to use to bring in more money. This material is always focused on current events and news, so you can be sure of a clear and concise review of the issues. See for yourself.

So, it seems cryptocurrency doesn’t have to be an enigma after all. And even if you don’t invest, it’s still fun to stay on top of the latest trends!

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  • SMARTY Team
  • February 14th, 2022