7 apps that prove it’s great to be green

It’s never been easier to do your bit to help the environment. From recycling bins to sustainable brands, there are now even apps that can help you reduce waste and look after the planet.

Here are 7 of our favourites.

1. Olio It may sound crazy, but the UK throws away £15bn of food every year, according to food waste charity WRAP. There is something you can do to help – on Olio you’ll find millions of people giving away food and other household items to their neighbours, for free.

All you have to do is list out what's available, snap a photo and share your location with other app users. Perfect if you're going on holiday and leaving a full fridge or have homegrown veg to spare.

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2. Too Good To Go Another great app to help fight food waste, Too Good To Go lets you buy and collect uneaten food from shops and restaurants. They have over 15,686 businesses already enrolled in the scheme.

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3. reGAIN We all know what it’s like to have a wardrobe fit to bursting. But what if you could turn your unwanted clothes into discount coupons?

With reGAIN, all you have to do is pack up your old clothes, send your parcel at the drop off point and then you’ll have access to a whole range of discount coupons.

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4. Giki Giki helps you find sustainable and healthy products in the UK supermarkets. Just scan a barcode to see which badges the product wins, and check out the alternatives for new ideas.

You’ll be able to see if food is responsibly sources, if they are free from chemicals or made by companies with high animal welfare. And information is available on over 280,000 supermarket products.

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5. Refill Need help living a life free of plastic? The Refill app connects you to places where you can eat, drink and shop with less waste.

Find free water refills, cafes where bringing your own cup is rewarded and lunch boxes are encouraged.

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6. Freegle Freegle is just one of the great apps that lets you give away the things you no longer need (rather than taking them to the tip).

Described as being like ‘online dating for stuff’, Freegle will find buyers for your unwanted items and point you in the direction of things you might want.

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7. Hive There are lots of connected thermostats on the market and Hive is just one of them. Having a connected thermostat is a great way to save energy and money too – set your heating schedule, but if you realise you aren’t going to be home for the day then turn the heating off from your phone.

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So, there you have it… there are plenty of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and your mobile is the gateway to living a more sustainable life.

It’s great to be green, Team SMARTY

  • SMARTY Team
  • November 18th, 2021