4 best running apps

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, every runner should keep a good track of their workouts –it’s one of the best ways to monitor your success and see yourself improve. But did you know your smartphone may be the fitness companion you’ve been missing. From tracking calories to incentivising your runs, there are lots of apps that can get you motivated.


This app is all about getting you from lazy couch days to running 5km. You’ll start with a couple of 30-minute workouts per week until you’re ready to do the full 5km in a single race, but you can speed up or slow down the process to suit your personal progress.

The app isn’t free, but we’d recommended it for anyone who wants to start running but isn’t sure where to begin.

Zombies. Run!

Zombies, Run! turns your exercise into a game. While you walk, jog or run listening to your music, random zombie events will interrupt, and encourage you to speed up to avoid being caught by the horde.

There are hundreds of missions to complete and each will give you supplies that can be used to build a stronghold against the zombie apocalypse. The app is completely free to use but there are premium features that will require a monthly subscription.


Strava is incredibly popular among cyclists and runners. Instead of being a coaching app or game, it offers a lot of features to help you track and record your progress. The app uses statistics and in-depth GPS tracking to show unique metrics for your run (even more if you subscribe to Strava’s premium service), along with local routes that other runners are taking.

Strava is completely free to use but does offer a subscription for extra features. While we wouldn’t recommend Strava for everyone, if you’re a seasoned runner looking to push your limits, then it’s a fantastic choice.

Map My Run

One of the biggest challenges in establishing a regular running routine is stopping yourself from getting bored. Map My Run helps you discover new routes to explore to keep your exercise fresh and interesting. The app can also be integrated with My Fitness Pal, meaning you can sync all your diet and exercise data together – perfect for anyone looking to get a better overview of their health. Map My Run is completely free but does offer some premium features such as live tracking to share your location and training plans with personalised goals.

Now before you pull on your trainers, plug in your headphones and get onto the streets, we think it’s worth thinking about investing in a mobile deal with loads of data, like one of our cheap sim only plans from SMARTY. This will ensure that you can listen to music or podcasts as you run, track your progress, and keep in touch with your favourite people.

Good luck and get running.

  • SMARTY Team
  • December 9th, 2019