Our 10 favourite apps for lockdown

Whatever you’ve decided to spend your lockdown days doing, there is probably an app to help you. We’ve gathered a list of our favourite, most-used apps to share with you – there’s something for everyone – from fitness and news, to entertainment and meditation. So, what are you waiting for?

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Missing those face-to-face chats with friends and family? Why not stay in touch using ZOOM. The name of this video conferencing app may already ring a bell – it’s the Prime Minister’s favourite! With video, real-time messaging and content sharing, you can host or join meetings of up to 100 people, so everyone can get involved. ZOOM is available on your laptop , as well as on Android and Apple devices.

BBC News

Looking for news you know you can trust? The BBC News app delivers the latest stories from the UK and the rest of the world directly to your phone. You can prioritise your news feed according to your interests and even watch the BBC News channel live in the video tab. Available on Android and Apple devices.


Don’t want to waste your one-hour outdoor exercise per day? Use Strava to record, analyse and share your activities. Runners and cyclists can track their pace, speed, elevation and calories burned. Plus, use the leaderboard feature to stay motivated by creating clubs where you and your friends can compete. Strava is available to download now on Android and Apple devices.


No, you don’t have to be a teenager to love TikTok. This seriously addictive short-form video platform will have out scrolling for hours – with everything from comedy sketches, to pranks and dances – you may even be brave enough to join in! Get the TikTok app on Android and Apple devices.

Stand Up!

Being stuck inside may mean you’re sitting down a lot more than usual. Stand Up! Is a flexible work break timer that reminds you to get up and stretch your legs. Simple, but smart. You can get the Stand Up! app on Apple devices.


It’s not just your legs that need stimulation – your brain needs some too! Luminosity is a brain-training app that gives you a free daily assortment of cognitive tasks to complete. Use it and improve your memory, attention, flexibility, processing speed and problem-solving skills. Available on Android and Apple devices.


If you’re not yet on Twitter, you’re missing out. Get live commentary on everything that’s going on with your friends and the world (often with a smattering of humour). Stay up to date on the latest viral trends and keep an eye on what President Trump is up to. You can get Twitter on both Android and Apple devices, as well as on your laptop.


What’s lockdown without a free, award-winning multiplayer trivia game. Test your knowledge on topics ranging from science and nature, to Harry Potter, sports and much more. Plus, you can even create your own quizzes. Download on Android and Apple devices.

Down Dog

Whether you’re looking for calming yoga or HIIT workouts, Down Dog have a range of fitness apps to get you moving. They are even offering free access for all students, teachers and healthcare professionals until July 1st 2020.


Looking for something to help you stress less, move more and sleep soundly? Headspace is offering a free collection of meditation, sleep and movement exercises to help you out, however you’re feeling. You can also download their app on Android or Apple devices.

Now that you’ve trained your brain, flexed your muscles, topped up your quiz knowledge, chatted with friends and caught up on the day’s events, you’ll be ready and raring to do it all again tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after, and the…

  • SMARTY Team
  • April 30th, 2020