Starting college? We've got the student SIM plan for you

First things first, you need a good deal, right? A no hassle, kind-of-a SIM only student discount deal. Something that’s straightforward, simple and honest.

How does great data, no tie-in or minimum contract, no credit checks, and no surprises at the end of the month sound?

Join us and find out. We’re the network that’s given back over £1m in discounts to customers.

Live a bit SMARTY.

Some SMARTY saving stats:

- We’re the only UK network that gives you a discount every month for any unused data. We automatically take it off your next month’s bill – simple.

- We don’t do lock-ins. After a month you can choose to stay or go, whenever you want.

- UK calls and texts are unlimited on all plans.

- We’re the highest rated UK network on Trustpilot. Check out our latest reviews here.

- For total peace of mind we have a new Unlimited plan – £25 a month, no restrictions, no throttling – truly limitless

- Our plans all include tethering, so you can use SMARTY in your phone and tablet to stream, download and research to your heart’s content.

See what we mean? There are student SIM only deals and ‘student SIM only deals’. SMARTY gives you freedom and great value. Sign up today.

Make some cash while you study – the simple and honest way

So, you’ve bagged yourself a great deal and joined SMARTY – can it get any better? Guess what, it can! With Trade SMARTY you get yourself a smart side hustle too.

You can earn cash for every SIM you distribute to your friends and family. The more customers who join, the more you earn – simple.

It’s easy to start earning and you don’t pay for a thing. Just sign up, order your free SMARTY SIMs and away you go.

What are you waiting for? Join us and start living SMARTY.

Caroline Snare
  • Caroline Snare
  • Commercial Copywriter
  • June 3rd, 2019