SMARTY's new Unlimited SIM-only plan for £25 per month

New fixed price 1-month SIM-only plan Unlimited data, calls and texts.

SMARTY launched with 3 simple plans. We added the Extra Small plan in December 2018 for customers wanting only 1GB data. Getting more data is easy with data add-ons charged at £1.25/GB - the same cost per GB as in each plan. But for those wanting a lot of data that didn't seem very simple, and for high data users made us look expensive.

With the launch of our Unlimited plan that's all changed now! We've opened SMARTY up to the higher data users, looking for a fixed price and unlimited everything else. At £25 per month for unlimited data, calls and texts – with no strings and no credit check – we think the new 1-month Unlimited SIM-only plan makes for great value.

SMARTY's usually recognised for being the only UK mobile network that gives customers money off their next bill for unused data. But, it's not possible for us to give an unlimited discount so the discount doesn’t apply to this plan.

Choose to stream everything in 4K or download the entire internet - the choice is yours. Our Unlimited plan is the only 1-month tariff available that's open to everyone and has no speed restrictions (unlike another plan out there). Tethering and personal hotspot use is also included as standard on the plan.

We have set a usage cap at 1,000GB. When tested, using a mobile for every minute of every day only used around 1,000GB in a month. Setting this cap helps us to identify any commercial use of our services, which is not permitted by our terms and conditions. When travelling in the EU, customers will be subject to our fair use limit of 19GB each month.

This plan is ideal for customers who don’t want to be tied in. SMARTY customers can cancel anytime or change plans monthly. So, if you buy Unlimited and then find you’re regularly using 8GB or less it makes sense to change to one of our data discount plans. These plan give customers money off their next bill for any unused data.

All data discount plans include unlimited calls and texts:

Did I mention that SMARTY was the winner of both Best PAYG Network, and Best Value SIM-Only Network in the uSwitch Broadband and Mobile Awards 2019? That was before we launched the best Unlimited plan available (well I think so anyway)!

The uSwitch Broadband and Mobile Award winners are determined by a combination of consumer surveys, an expert panel of judges - comprising of experts in technology, consumer affairs and personal finance - as well as independent speed test data.

uSwitch Mobile Awards Best PAYG Network

uSwitch Mobile Awards Best Value Sim Only

Ian Buckley
  • Ian Buckley
  • Head of Digital
  • February 7th, 2019