A warm welcome to TPO Mobile customers

As you will have heard, TPO Mobile have entered administration and will stop trading from Tuesday, 26 February 2019. It would have been great to have met under different circumstances, but we're happy to welcome you to SMARTY.

We've worked with TPO Mobile to help to minimise the disruption of having to change providers. To make sure your switch to SMARTY goes as smoothly as possible we're offering your first month free. You can choose to transfer your existing phone number or start with a new one.

You will also earn a discount off your next bill for any data you don't use, unless you choose to use your free month on the Unlimited plan.

Along with a SMARTY SIM you will have received a PAC code in the letter from TPO Mobile. You will need your PAC code to transfer your number to us. We'd love you to join SMARTY, but if you don't want to move to us then you need to move your number to your new provider by Tuesday, 26th February 2019.

Since we launched on 31 August 2017 we've given our customers over £813,792 back in discounts. On top of the discounts, many of our customers have also made huge savings compared with their previous provider.


With SMARTY you get flexibility and value, and we're offering TPO Mobile customers their first month free.

We have simple SIM-only plans to choose from and there are no contracts, so if you want to, you can change plans from month to month for free with no hassle.

And guess what? We think that you should only have to pay for the data you use, not the stuff you don’t. So, any unused data you have each month will be turned into a discount and credited to your account - this means you'll pay less on your next month.

Get the Extra Small plan The Extra Small plan includes 1GB of data and unlimited UK standard calls and texts

Get the Small plan The Small plan includes 2GB of data and unlimited UK standard calls and texts

Get the Medium plan The Medium plan includes 4GB of data and unlimited UK standard calls and texts

Get the Large plan The Large plan includes 8GB of data and unlimited UK standard calls and texts

Get the Unlimited plan The Unlimited plan includes unlimited data, UK standard calls and texts

Wondering whether your phone will work with SMARTY?

All you'll need is a 3G or 4G compatible phone.

On dual SIM devices the secondary SIM slot is usually only enabled for 2G, so you won't be able to use this with your SMARTY SIM as they aren't compatible.

To get your free month you will need to use the SMARTY SIM that TPO Mobile sent you in the post. To keep your phone number, activate the SMARTY SIM and use the PAC code that was supplied in the post by Tuesday, 26th February.


We started SMARTY because there's a better way to do things. Low costs, straightforward plans, transparent pricing and flexible deals. We even give money back for the data you don't use.

We're on a mission to put the trust back into our industry by doing things properly. Simple, honest, mobile.

Powered by Three

SMARTY is powered by Three's strong and reliable 3G network. It covers 97% of the population, with fast speeds for browsing, gaming, downloading and emailing.

You’ll also be able to enjoy 4G with SMARTY, where available.

Check coverage in your area

We're building a network for today's digital world.

100% Online No lunch time queues, no trips to the high street. Skip the hassle and get it done yourself with our simple online dashboard.

SMARTY's dashboard has been built to be mobile-friendly. You can track your usage, change plans and buy add-ons when you're short on data. We also offer you a free month for every friend you refer - they get a free month too.

Absolutely No Hold Music Got a question? We've got tons of useful articles at https://help.smarty.co.uk. Still stuck? Our web support team are here for you, every day from 8am-8pm.

Don't Want to Use SMARTY?

If you choose not to move to SMARTY then you’ll need to use the PAC code that was supplied by TPO to transfer/port your number to another provider by Tuesday, 26th February 2019. If you miss the date, you risk losing your number.

If you have any questions about SMARTY then https://help.smarty.co.uk/all-about-smarty is a good starting point.

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, please use the web chat option. You'll find the icon to launch chat in the bottom right of your screen.

Web chat is available from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week.

If you need help outside of these times, you can still submit your question via web chat and leave your email address or mobile number. We’ll reply as soon as possible.

Contacting the web chat team is the quickest way to get a response but if you prefer you can also send us an email.

Ian Buckley
  • Ian Buckley
  • Head of Digital
  • February 13th, 2019